Bragança offers a unique heritage, where visitors can enjoy a truly pleasant experience walking around the historical streets. The old stone paving, worn smooth by generations of feet, testifies to a lively history that dates back to the Bronze Age and to the occupation of Romans, Swabians and Visigoths. Once the boundaries were established, in 1297, the city acquired its strategic importance.


In Bragança, the paths to the future are based on traditions with ancient origins. This dynamic city, with a diversified culture, offers the contemporary architecture that lives together with masquerades, evoking initiation rituals, and museums which exhibit both the ethnographic heritage of the region and the latest creations of renowned artists.


Montesinho Natural Park and Nogueira Mountain are located close to Bragança, in a rare beauty space, with a unique biodiversity concentration where 80% of Portugal's mammals have their own natural habitat. This is the only place where you can see deer from afar, roe deer feeding in an oak grove, find wild boar tracks or listen to the howl of an Iberian wolf.


The gastronomy of Bragança is defined by the high quality of its products, full of aroma, taste and flavour, so intimately connected with their natural environment. A simple way of cooking prepared by skilled hands, deeply aware of the origins of the ingredients, locally grown and usually picked at the farm and prepared in the kitchen the same day.